Tuesday, April 19, 2016

My Ode to Boston 2016

Heading to Boston my thoughts were all over the place,
Kind of wanting to better my last year's race.

Knowing that I still had a sore rib,
I was mentally prepared to run ad-libbed.

I had trained hard, got in all my hills,
Was super ecstatic when my wave was marshaled by Billy Mills.

Off to the start I was feeling pretty neat,
When wham! Suddenly I was starting to overheat.

I slowed it down drank some more at each aid station,
But my stomach cramped up and threatened evacuation.

I found a port-o-potty, stopped for a pee,
Never had to stop on a course before, hoped it would work for me.

My mantra became you must not quit,
Slow your pace, you will get through it.

Saw D, T, and J at mile 17,
Told them I'm slowing it down I'll get there eventually.

The wind shifted, cooling down,
I knew then I would make it to town.

People around me were all digging in,
A woman runner picked up my hat as it flew off in the wind.

The crowds were amazing, the people were kind,
I tried to take it all in, taking pictures with my mind.

Saw my family, one more time on Hereford Street,
Turning onto Boylston, I new moments like this are hard to beat.


My emotions got me as I neared the finish line,
Thankful, so thankful that I made it there another time! 

Thank you all for the calls/messages and being a huge part,
Having all your support, I carry along with me in my heart.