Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Crazylegs 2015

On our way to Madison
Boston was Monday, Crazylegs was on Saturday. It's an 8K run in Madison supporting the athletic department. They have an awesome turn out. The weather predicted was cold and rainy. After Monday, I was not about to do that again. I thought about driving to Madison an sitting in a bar while the runner ran. However, several years ago I made a commitment to a friend that I would run at least race a year with my dad. 
We had a crew of people we were meeting, cousins (first, second), first at Perkins, then after. 
The plan was to take this race and go with it for however long my legs were feeling. Things felt good, and I enjoyed it overall. I pushed it through the hills, so by the time I finished I could feel the burn in my quads. I waited on the field for Jason to finish. 
Race done!
Then we met mom, and waited for Dad to finish. I pulled a Jason and got distracted by another runner and missed my Dad cross the finish.
Yay Dad!!

It was cold and windy, so we waited in the stands, saw my cousin Boyd, met a Fellow Flower Friend, ran into Carly, the Dummer's but decided to head to The Great Dane to get warmed up. We grabbed a bite to eat, and as we finished eating, the rest of our original group was there, so we had had a drink with them.
The Sonsalla Crew (minus Boyd and family)
It was such a great opportunity to reconnect with these relatives, and hope to make Crazylegs an annual event to get together!

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