Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Boston part 4-Boston Eve

We decided to do the pasta dinner through the Boston Marathon, rather than having to worry about reservations, etc. for a local restaurant. The wait was not long to get in and the City Hall was a unique building to be in. You received your meal in a to-go like container, and then went to find a seat. We were a party of ten, so there were no tables available. Actually, had we been a small party there probably would not have been a table. We found some chairs and sat near the exit. My parents and their friends sat elsewhere. Again, the volunteers were super accommodating looking for extra chairs for us, and open tables. 

John, our fearless Captain of our ship, once again dropped us off at our hotel. However, the girls went with my mom and dad, so I could have a restful night of sleep. Jason and I went to our hotel, I prepped for the morning and stalked the weather one more time. We made plans for Jason to try and meet up with my family, but also made a Plan B in case he did not. I opted to not check a bag, and to have my family meet me in the family reunion area. Now it was time to sleep. The good thing about walking all day, I was tired. I dreamed that I missed the bus, thankfully that was just a dream. I woke up and it was Patriot's Day, Boston Marathon Day was finally here...

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