Tuesday, May 5, 2015

(pre) Boston Part 1-Friday

My words via a FB post right after: If you can't feel the love in this picture, know that as I type this, my eyes are tearing up. My school surprised me with a Boston sendoff, blessing, honor song, and medicine. So humbled and filled with love. Eagle Pride makes my heart all kinds of happy. Thank you!
It was Friday afternoon, my flight had been cancelled I found out via text at 4:00 am, thankfully it was re-booked. My mind was focused on the work week being finished, sub plans laid out, being on my way. My parents, who were driving out, were already en route, and had texted me during the day different things along the way that they were starting to see in reference to the Boston Marathon. I just wanted to be on that airplane and headed east.

I was in for a bit of a surprise, though, before I got out of school. My whole school gathered to send me off with a Runner's Blessing, medicine for traveling, and an honor song. 

I was able to hold it together (sort of) to manage to squeak out a follow your dreams message. I shook hands with all the students and staff as they left and then broke down in my office afterwards. The love was so strong! I was humbled beyond belief and thankful for working together with such wonderful people!

A few more pics, then I will post more about Boston for real!

Part two coming up soon!

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