Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Boston part 2

Finally the day arrived to be leaving to head to Boston. With a family in tow it is different than traveling alone. We had no problems getting on our way, our only concern was that we had 30 minutes between flights when we landed in Detroit. Good thing for moving sidewalks, fast kids, and a packed lunch to eat if we made it. 


We were picked up at the airport by my Dad's college roommate and my brother Doug navigating. This was much appreciated as we did not have to take a taxi or try to figure out the T at this point in the game.
My first goal was getting to the expo...

The expo was amazing. The volunteers were super helpful, and in no time I had my packet. There was so much to see, taste, touch, buy! Totally overwhelming, I wanted ALL the things, wanted to sign up for ALL the races. We did get to see the booth for the Milwaukee Running Festival which I am super excited about, have you signed up for an event yet? If not why not? Chris (the director) and his wife were there having a great experience as well. 

Next up was trying to find my parents, brother, niece, John and Kathleen. After a few unsuccessful up and down the stairs to the T, we located the proper station, met Doug who took us to dinner where everyone else was waiting. We had a great dinner, got dropped off at our hotel, where the girls were going to swim.

Day two up next...

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