Thursday, April 16, 2015

Tick tock

Eighteen weeks of training is a long time, relatively speaking...

My BQ race was Chicago in October 2013. 18 Months ago. A wee bit longer.

The desire to run at Boston stretches back probably longer than that...
20 years ago I graduated from high school, hanging up my cross country spikes with a final race at the State meet, 
20 years ago my brother lost his leg in an accident. I think that was the impetus that firmly planted the seed.

I have thought about this race for a long time. It is hard to put it into words what it means. This race has consumed my thoughts, training has taken over a lot of my free time. Isn't it just another marathon? For me, it's not. Why is it so different? It's Boston. It is one marathon most people know about it. One that you have to qualify, the oldest running marathon in the country, it is the goal that many set for themselves after achieving the goal of finishing their first marathon or's the BOSTON MARATHON.

Now that it is less than a week away, the miles are logged, the reality of packing is here, weather stalking has commenced. I am nervous, excited, and ready. I never know what is in store going into a marathon, because each one is it's own separate beast. I know this...
I put in the miles
I put in extra sleep
I ate pretty good
I drank a little less
I stayed healthy

The emotions going into this are high. This is a dream race for me, a big bucket list item. While Heartbreak Hill looms ahead, my heart is so full of all the feels. 

Image result for boston marathon finish line 2014
Follow along if you want to (text my bib number 14837 to 234567), or wait here to read my recap.


Sandy Brehl said...

Best to you, Amy. Can't wait to read about your reactions when it is all over. Experience every moment, even the gut-wrenching ones, and share that amazing accomplishment with the rest of us.

Julie Stephenson said...

Girl you're gonna rock it! I'm super happy for you and ridiculously proud of you. <3 u.