Friday, November 14, 2014

Tyranena 1/2 Barrel Beer Run Recap-2014

This run. I have gone to this race several times before and find myself looking forward to it every year. It's like the last week of school before winter break. You spend some time with your friends seeing what they are doing, you see others that you did not expect to see, you have fun. Oh yeah, there is the whole race thing, too.

I must admit I think the weather is never really that lovely for this race, however, I think I normally block it from year to year, until the few days leading up to it. This year, one word WIND.  I lamented over what to wear, and then changed my mind a few times, finally changing it one last time, morning of, something I seldom do, and of course hindsight 20-20 and all that jazz I was a bit too warm.

I was excited to reunite with my Panty Raider Ragnar peeps and posse of friends. We got to hang out ahead of time, with time to hit the port-o-potty one last time before the race started. I ran into another running friend at the start line, always great catching up with people and hearing about their races, lives, etc. Although, as Dominique stated they need a fast version of the Star Spangled Banner for cold weather starts, we were soon off. 

I felt good for about the first half of the race, until all of a sudden I didn't. I was tired, sick of wind and ready to be done. I plugged along, knowing a beer was in my future. The last mile was uphill and into the wind, ick. The good news was Falon was there with babe in tow, so that was a smile inducing moment. 

I quickly went through the tent, and went to my car to change and then went back out on course to cheer in the rest of my friends. I also might have goten to hold babe the whole time. BONUS! After, enjoyed drinks, lasagna and more friends! 

Still love this race, the atmosphere, the people. Highly recommend!