Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Recap

2013...the year of the unexpected...pushing beyond my expectations and making things happen.

I raced... 4 marathons. 7 half marathons. 1 Five miler. 1 Four miler. 1 5k. 50 mile relay (25 miles total). 1 Tough Mudder (12 miles)...

Logged my highest miles for a year coming in at 1523. 


Trailbreaker Half Marathon-Breaking a Guinness World Record for most people tethered together to run a half marathon...with my DAD!

Running the Blue Ridge Marathon, meeting GREAT people, and placing in my age group!
Racing this guy at Crazylegs...and not only did I beat him but set a PR while doing it. Also getting to run again with my dad and meeting up with running buddies after.

Wisconsin Half Marathon, fast times by all, getting to see some of my favorite running peeps and finding a local brewery in Kenosha!

Madison Mini-Reuniting with friends from Blue Ridge (even if they are Hawkeye fans) and meeting others!

Chicago. PR. BQ. Enough said.

Fall 50 Relay was a unique experience, beautiful scenery, and a mixed pair 2nd place. And also free pizza and beer after in a heated tent!

My last race of the year with my friends from childhood.  Linds' first half marathon ever. Love getting to run with friends. This one is at a brewery!

It has been a great running year. I've mentioned before how humbling running can be. I continue to run for me and against me and along the way get to meet and interact with amazing people. Some people call me lucky...luck doesn't wake me up to run, luck doesn't push me when I want to walk, luck doesn't go to bed early to get up early. But when I look back at the things I've done this year I feel lucky to be so blessed with the love of the run.

How did your year go? What were your highlights? 

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