Monday, August 19, 2013

Madison Mini Recap 2013

Madison Mini was upon me. At the beginning of the week, I realized I had made zero plans for this race, other signing up. I asked my blogger friend Rachel if she might be able to pick up my packet or consider letting me crash. She said why not both! Perfect. We enjoyed a beer together and talked about running and called it an early night. I accidentally set my alarm for the wrong time, so she also woke my butt up! Ugh. It was her birthday so what a great way to start her day. We got to the race, checked gear, used the bathroom, and found our corrals. I was in corral B, which was probably the closest I have ever been to the front of a race. True to form, I took off too fast, my first mile was a 7:08 and my second 7:05-why oh why can I not learn not to do this. Ugh. Anyway, the race had a lot of iconic Madison landmarks, so it was nice. For me, the second half felt hilly, really hilly. I tried to keep it in check, other than mile 13 mile 10 was my slowest. At the finish I was able to find one of my Tweeples that I met in Roanoke. While waiting for his wife and Rachel to finish we hung out with another friend of theirs. (They were all clad in Iowa Hawkeye gear, but I am brave and Wisconsinites are pretty kind) I kept going back to the meet spot for Rachel, but just couldn't find her. I decided to go get my gear bag, which had my phone. I ran into another runner friend of mine from Milwaukee, Kinley, so I got to talk to her a bit. Also, had my butt grabbed by another friend, Yomarie, she scared the crap out of me, lol. I finally got a hold of Rachel, and decided it was time to get a beer.  Hope you had a great birthday girl! Can't wait until November to see you again!
While in line for beer, I got a call from my friend Tim who was watching Yomarie. 
Yomarie, Me, Tim

On my way up to see the Hawkeye gang and Tim, I ran into a guy who had passed me during the race. He had HAVE tattooed on his left calf and FUN tattooed on his right calf. I told him I saw him during the race (when he passed me) and that I liked his tatts. He told me they were a gift to himself for his 40th birthday. (Love me some tatts). Anyway the rest of the morning was spent hanging out with The Hawkeye gang, Angie, Josh, and Tereasa. We met several other Tweeples including @runbangrun and @RasberiRunner.
Me, Bang, Josh, Angie, Tereasa

I also ran into Greg, who I ran with at the Haunted Hustle. He and his wife both ran. He was running Boston and was right there when the second bomb went off. Although we have corresponded since then, I hadn't seen him and it was so great to see him!
Greg and I

So the day was truly wonderful. I was able to head home and enjoy a homebrew with Jason, dinner with the family and relax. 

Because this post isn't long enough I must include 2 more things...
I didn't know they did a separate M2 Challenge (combined race times of the Rock N Sole and Madison Mini) until I saw someone else post about it.  Guess what? 1st place in my age division?! Bam! 

My friend Julie, who I posted about the Brewer game, was having a blogger friend from Chicago come to The Compound after the Madison Mini. Her husband had ran the race. I FB her how did he do, his time was 15 seconds faster than mine. I said, wow we probably ran near each other at some point...Her response...Well he has HAVE FUN tattooed on the back of legs for everyone running behind him to enjoy...small freakin world!

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Great run Amy! Sounds like a fun race.