Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Heatbreaker Indoor Half Marathon Recap 2013

Bonus medal for doing the Icebreaker in Jan and Heatbreaker in July! 
Although July has been less than average heat wise the past few weeks, the Heatbreaker offers something no other race in Wisconsin can in the summer. Guaranteed weather conditions. This past Saturday I went to the Pettit Center to run in the chill of 50 degree weather on their newly installed track. 
One thing, as I have mentioned before about these races, is pacing for me is totally out. I don't like to do math when I run, so I don't here. Out go the mile splits and I just run by feel.
And that went well for me this time, the race has your laps on display on a computer and I do tend to look at the computer screen to see where I am at, and for the first time ever I actually counted most of my laps. 
Photo by Bill Flaws- Running in the USA

Having run here before for the Icebreaker and the Heatbreaker I have to mention the thing that I love about these races. The spectating. Yes, as a runner it is great spectating. Usually in a race, you see the back of someone and that is it, they are gone or you are. Not the case here. You get to watch the speedsters lap you, and you get to lap some people yourself. It is fun to watch, cheer and makes the time go by faster mentally.
Had a cramp at lap 20 which reminded me of last year's race, however it didn't stay and for that I was more than happy. 
My only complaint was that someone walked off with my Polar Bottle. The strange this is is that this is 2nd water bottle that has walked away from me in the past two weeks. Last week when I went for a 7 mile run my Amphipod was leaking, so I turned around and put it on the corner of my driveway in the grass. I went to run 5 and came back to grab a drink and it was gone. I thought maybe the hubs picked it up before he left for work and put it inside. I finished my run but it was nowhere to be found. I was feeling a little sassy, so I left a note in my yard, but no return. 
My snarky note I left on my lawn.

Apparently some runners are hitting harder times than me. So hope they are enjoying my water bottles. The nice thing about the Heatbreaker was that the Race Director heard about it and asked me about it. I know he felt bad, but there was no reason for him to. It happens~apparently more often than we knew. 
Had a really nice visit after the race with a super speedy runner, who inspires me. She was doing the second heat of the Heatbreaker, and had a 10 mile race the next day!  -Amazeballs!!
I had 16 miles on the schedule so I drove home and did 3 more miles. Jason and I ended the night meeting up with a friend, and running into some old friends.  
Getting those carbs back in.

Another great race at the Pettit and I think this was my fastest indoor half yet :) 1:41:55 

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Mid year check-in

Crazy as it seems 2013 is halfway over with. I can't believe it! It's been an interesting year to saw the least. I started on the first with a 5K, have run four half marathons, 3 fulls, and one 4 miler. Not what I had planned at the beginning of the year, but looking back I don't think I would change a thing. I am only signed up for a half in July, August, a full in October and a pair relay 50 miler in October. My mileage at the end of June was 761 miles, not too bad considering I felt like I didn't run at all in May. 

Looking forward to continue to train for Chicago, summer running and I are not the best of friends anymore. I love summer though for the weather and  being off in the summer allows more flexibility in training, a luxury I don't have most of the year. My hip flexor near my glute has been bothering me a bit, but I am going monitor that. 
Second half of the year hoping it continues to go well. My mind is my biggest challenge for Chicago, my goal for that is to shut it up. What are your goals for the second half of 2013? How is your year going?

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Freedom 4 Miler-2013

It should come as no surprise when my family decided to take a little trip to St. Louis I quickly went to Running in the USA website to see if there was a race going on while we were there.

I found a 4 mile race, that had a hotel deal to boot. Boom! I'm in. I promised Jason that it wouldn't interfere with our fun. So true to form, we were up the night before until midnight sampling the local brews of the St. Louis area. I woke up a bit before 6 ate and headed down to the lobby to pick up my race packet. I came back up, dressed, and went down to the start. There was a lot of activity going on it was fun to people watch. I lined up for the start, and positioned myself where I wanted to be. First mile clicked by with me starting off too fast, no surprise there (Garmin-6:35). I settled into the second mile and then started focusing on holding pace for the last two miles. The finish was slightly up hill so there was no dramatic kick, but it was done, it was still only 7:30 in the morning! I loved the finishers medal, it was a dog tag-perfect for the 4th!
Jason and Zoriana were at the finish-face painted and balloon animals in tow. I went up and got Natia and we walked around so she could do hers. Then we went back up to the room to get ready explore St. Louis on the 4th of July...more to come on that!

Summerfest Rock N Sole Recap 2013

Delayed post...short and sweet: The third annual Summerfest Rock N Sole Run took place on June 15, 2013. I hadn't been feeling good leading up to it. Cold one week, allergies the next, finally went to the doctor on Thursday for an ear infection. I didn't even know adults got those. So going into Saturday I was eh.  Then there was the forecast of 50% chance of rain. It rained. I ran, I went into this race, just to go with the flow. I have ran this race every year (third year of this race). There are things I like and things I don't like about this race. I focused on just running. Needless to say, my time was a whopping 2 seconds faster than last year. So my PR for this particular race-the biggest difference?  It was enjoyable :)