Tuesday, March 19, 2013

3 Day, no 4 Day, Wait...5 Day Weekend

My girls did not have school on Thursday and Friday.  I decided to take the day off on Friday.  We planned on going to my parents on Friday and I was going to get my long run done. Spur of the moment decision and we left Thursday.  Worked out great, arrived before 11:00 stayed up and chatted a bit, thought about where to run, and I was all set.

I took off a little after 8:00, hit rain shortly thereafter, temp below freezing.  My mom was going to come out and check on me after about an hour (I lost the lid to my handheld water bottle F#*K).  One of the reasons I wanted to run out here was there were hills a plenty.  Pretty much any direction I chose would take me on some hills. Unfortunately I have become a bit Citified and am afraid of running into animals and whatnot, and of course had this crazy dog on the other side of the highway come running and barking fast and ferociously.  I screamed STAY at him, he stopped for a millisecond and kept following me until I quit looking back.  

Mom came along after an hour, I was thirsty.  Of course she was worried about the weather, I of course was worried about running by the dog again.  I told her to go home and get a book and meet me in about 50 minutes.  I hopped in with her, she took me past the dog and I continued on my way. Now I had tack on a little extra on the way home to get the full 20 miles in.  Sadly, I can't do math when I am tired and ended up doing 20 3/4.  Normally I would not leave 1/2 of a mile undone, but I was DONE.  My finger continued to do its weird thing again, this is a pic of it after my shower. 

My friend has a syndrome like this and I am wondering if I have it, too.  

After eating lunch I decided to take the girls up to the local hotel to swim, my mom and dad came up to visit, dad took a dip and I decided to hit the hot tub.  

My two brothers and their family came to eat that night where my niece was waitressing.  My brother's family came back to the house to visit for a bit, so that was very enjoyable.  Saturday morning I had breakfast with my friends, which totally made my weekend.  I love those girls and it was great to see them!  I hit the gym with my dad after that, logged in 5 miles, but he wasn't feeling that great, so he had to cut his run short.  I went up to Mineral Point where Zori took her pics with Julie  (Julie Stephenson Photography) and Natia fell in love with her dog.  We made a quick stop at Johnston Gallery on High Street to pick up a piece of pottery for Jason-he broke his previous bowl that he had from there.  Wished we would have had more time.  Such fun things that I need want.

I headed to my brother's house.  Went shopping with my two nieces, and 8th grader and 12th grader-way different than shopping with 7 and 8 year old girls.  Fun!  

Saturday night was my sister-in-law's birthday celebration/St. Patrick's Day/Spring Training birthdya bus pub crawl.  I was ready to rock it!
When we arrived at the Annex for the festivities to begin, I looked down the bar, and there was this guy...
Yay! Jason made the trek over to surpise me and join us on for the fun!  We had a great time. Small towns are always full of life!

Woke up and got on the road.  Right after eating lunch, my stomach didn't feel so hot.  Believe me-not the hungover feeling-much worse. Queasy tummy, chills rounded out the rest of the day.  I woke up Monday, not sitting on the toilet, but still twisty tummy.  I called in and slept ALL day.  Natia came home from school with a headache and fever.  She thought she might be able to make it, but no she had to call in sick today.  This is her first absence ever.  Sooooo....needless to day my 3 day weekend turned into a 5 day weekend, thanks getting sick.

I did run today, but took it really easy after not eating much for a good day.  Hope you had a great St. Patrick's Day. Did you do a St. Paddy's Day run?  Have you been sick this winter season?


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MotherRunner said...

Yeah, that's Raynaud's, I have it too. Not much to be done about it, but it's weird, isn't it?