Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Goodbye January-Hello February

I guess it it true that time flies when you are having fun getting older.  The month of January is a thing of the past already.  I logged in 140 miles, including a half marathon and a full marathon, so must say I'm pretty pleased about that.  

My new love for 2013 is running indoors at the Pettit.  Aside from the Gold Medal Challenge that I posted about previously, I did two long runs there.  One was a Saturday morning the other on a Friday afternoon. Although nothing beats getting outside and running, the largest indoor track in the US definitely beats a treadmill. I have to admit I am not only a cold weather wimp, the fear of falling down on the ice and snow only increases the older I get. The Pettit usually has other things going on to distract you, other runners and walkers to lap or get lapped by, and of course Zamboni crossing. 

By getting my long in this past Friday in the afternoon, I was able to log in seven on the treadmill Saturday morning.  Bill called and asked about going sledding with our kids.  We have a newly constructed sledding hill in our town, so it was exciting to go and check it out.  The wind at the top was brutal, and the climb up the hill burned, but the laughter as the ladies went down was all worth it.  I enjopyed spectating more than flying down, but made sure I got a few runs in!  

We haven't had much snow at at all this side of the state, so it was nice to get out and play in it for a bit.  How have you been enjoying your winter?  What ways do you change your routine?

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