Sunday, December 16, 2012

December Shift

Maybe it is not obvious, but being a runner is not the only hat I wear.  I write this  blog focusing on that, otherwise it would be scattered (like my mind), but I add little bits and pieces of who I am outside the running realm.  

One thing that I have been almost as long a a runner is a teacher.  And I can't fully express my thoughts into comprehensible reading over Friday's tragedy but I can say, I am hurt, sad, and sickened.  I often discuss the perks of my job with my husband.  He gets a company car, cell phone, yearly bonus, and raises.  I get hugs, tears, laughter, and statements that make me light up on a day to day basis.  I get to see little four-year-olds turn into graduating 8th graders years later.  I see alumni come back as parents. I see parents as partners in education. 

I am lucky.  My school is founded on seven core values, we honor those values with ceremonies, we can PRAY.  

I have probably spent too much time watching TV coverage of the events that unfolded.  I have cried until my eyes hurt.  I have probably hugged and kissed my daughters more than usual.  I will probably have more hugs than usual to dole out this week before break to my students.  The best I felt yesterday was after my run, today when the wind whipped against my face on my return back to my house...I was grateful for the reminder that I am feeling and alive.  
These tragedies that keep occurring won't turn me into a bitter woman, they will remind me keep trying to work on being more loving and giving to the people I come in contact with.  I don't want to understand why this happened; I want to be sure that the new Angels in heaven are acknowledged by the people here who can and will continue do good to spread love.

If you took the time to read this, thank you.  My virtual hug to you. 


Brassy 1 said...

Thanks Amy that was good. Very had to put it in words sometimes.

Julie Stephenson said...

Well said, Amy! Love you.

Anonymous said...

virtual hug back at you!