Saturday, November 24, 2012

Turkey Trot-Thanksgiving

Thursday ended up being a warm, wonderful day for us here in Wisconsin!  The temperatures allowed for short sleeved shirt and a skirt!  I headed to Burlington, found awesome parking in the lot of the race, picked up my packet and found Bill.  He wondered if I would do a warm up with his daughter before the race.  Of course I would!!  Melissa and I cruised a short half mile, and headed back to the start with about 10 minutes until start. 

I had looked up my time from last year, and was pretty sure I wasn't going to be that fast this year, but I wanted to go out and see what I could do.  

The first mile was fast, sub 7 minutes.  I thought, Whoa I'm pretty sure I can't hold this.  I found a happy pace, slower but more manageable.  I noted where I was at the turn around, which was in the top ten for females.  My goal then was to not get passed by too many people so I could finish in the top ten. My Garmin again shut off mid race, I was pretty disappointed, but it took pressure off to keep looking.  I focused on songs and where I was at.  

Right near the finish stretch a girl pulled up to my left, I hung with her, and when we got closer, I poured it on, she stayed right with me.  We ended up with another man on my right, she passed me at the finish and I edged out the man.  Fun to race to the finish!

I waited to watch Melissa finish, she did great.  Then I had to get back because my family was arriving at the house.  I texted Bill my goodbye.  He told me I should stay.  I found out why, right after I pulled in he sent me this text: 
Nice!  First place in my age group, but better yet FASTER then last year!!  Bill was so kind to drop off my award, too! (29:17 1st age group,9th female overall)

We enjoyed a great Turkey Day with my parents, brother, niece, in-laws, and Jason's Auntie. I am so lucky to have family that can come together from both sides, they come to my place, and they bring most of the food!
We went for a short walk, but I still felt full.  I guess excessive eating for a whole day, can't be undone with a walk!

My friends came over for our annual Craft Day-Black Friday shopping.  It was a lot of laughing, fun, lack of sleep, filled day.  We ended with Breaking Dawn movie-so GOOD!  I enjoyed my day and am thankful for great times like that with friends.

Runstreak-not happening.  Going to focus on getting back into a regular rountine. 

How was your Thanksgiving?  Are you Runstreaking?  How is it going? 

Still time to enter the Blue Ridge Marathon giveaway!

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Anonymous said...

Wahoo!! Congrats first placer! Super exciting! I'm jealous - I still haven't seen the last Twilight, hopefully this week. Yes, I am runstreaking, finished day 3 today. I'm excited but taking it one day at a time!