Thursday, November 1, 2012

Lakefront Discovery Run Recap

Pre Race Pose
The Lakefront Discovery Run was last Saturday.  I like this race for a number of reasons
     #1 it is close to home
     #2 it is a uniquie distance that I don't often race (15K)
     #3 the course is nice, running along Lake Michigan
     #4 Post-party at Milwaukee Ale House
     #5 Costumes
Pre Race Face

This was my first time donning a costume of any sort (other than panties), that was kind of exciting. My husband dropped at packet pickup, where I quickly ran into Val the awesome founder of The Sole Sisters Club. She plans a variety of fun activities for women and I hope to get more involved with this club.
We hung out together before the race, and hit the start together. We ran for a few miles together before we went our separate way.  
Copyright Bill Flaws Running in the USA (Grim added to get me up the hill)

I felt good until about mile six, when I got a cramp.  Nothing major, but just slowed me down a bit.  Like I said I like this course, so it was fun to take it in.  The weather was pretty much perfect, so I was loving that, too.  The last mile was right into the wind coming off the island.  However, the finish came before I knew it.  Not my fastest time in this race, but I enjoyed it and had a good time.
Copyright Bill Flaws Running in the USA

I went to the post party to meet my husband.  We were headed out of town right after, so I shared my hard earned beer with him.  Our cup at the finish was our beer ticket, I knew someone who had left his in his car, so I was happy to hand it off to him before heading off to our next adventure.
Post Race Beer
150 out of 1061 overall
7 out of 135 age group
35 out of 619 sex place
1:12:33  ~7:47 pace

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