Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Beach, Beer, Books

My running has been sporadic as hell lately.  I have been consistently getting in long runs on the weekend though, so I guess that works.  Saturday I ran with a new running buddy, that I met at the Lakefront Marathon Packet Pickup.  Kinley and I ran 15 miles down along Lake Michigan.  Weather wise it was perfect.  She hit a wall the last few miles, but sucked it up and finished strong.  I enjoyed running with someone new, and love running beachside.  

That night we had a coworker's party at her house.  She had the cutest house, great weather, and a nice turnout.  I will leave it at we ended up breaking out the beer pong, flip cup, and then stopped on our way home and hit the dance floor.  Too much fun!

Tuesday night Sherman Alexie was in Milwaukee promoting his new book Blasphemy.  I have seen Sherman on two different occasions, and he is the funniest person!  A few of my book club members from school met for dinner and then headed to Milwaukee Public Library.  Sherman did not disappoint.  I had tears running down my face from laughing so hard.  Afterwards, he was signing books.  As we went up to him, I mentioned that I was a librarian, had seen him before.  Now maybe because I have tweeted him a time or two, he said, "I remember you, you're the runner!"  Then he signed my book like this: 

Oh happy day!...Who is fast!  LOVE IT!

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Anonymous said...

that is so COOL! I love how he signed your book! What a nifty treat! Btw, you ARE fast!!
My running has been sporadic as well but hitting up some races this weekend so I'm hoping that will jump-start me back into a regular schedule. I'm also considering the RW run streak... again... maybe I'll be successful this time!