Monday, November 26, 2012

Blue Ridge Mountain Giveaway Winner

Thank you to everyone who entered the Blue Ridge Mountain Giveaway entry on this blog.  I was excited to see who was going to win this, but nervous to pick a winner.  I had all the names in Exel and headed over to I walked away and let my hubs click away.  Fair is fair.  

Anyway, Amy from Recipe for Disaster is the winner.  Holy Hills here you come!

Contact me at librarian262 (at) gmail (dot) com and I will send a code your way!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Turkey Trot-Thanksgiving

Thursday ended up being a warm, wonderful day for us here in Wisconsin!  The temperatures allowed for short sleeved shirt and a skirt!  I headed to Burlington, found awesome parking in the lot of the race, picked up my packet and found Bill.  He wondered if I would do a warm up with his daughter before the race.  Of course I would!!  Melissa and I cruised a short half mile, and headed back to the start with about 10 minutes until start. 

I had looked up my time from last year, and was pretty sure I wasn't going to be that fast this year, but I wanted to go out and see what I could do.  

The first mile was fast, sub 7 minutes.  I thought, Whoa I'm pretty sure I can't hold this.  I found a happy pace, slower but more manageable.  I noted where I was at the turn around, which was in the top ten for females.  My goal then was to not get passed by too many people so I could finish in the top ten. My Garmin again shut off mid race, I was pretty disappointed, but it took pressure off to keep looking.  I focused on songs and where I was at.  

Right near the finish stretch a girl pulled up to my left, I hung with her, and when we got closer, I poured it on, she stayed right with me.  We ended up with another man on my right, she passed me at the finish and I edged out the man.  Fun to race to the finish!

I waited to watch Melissa finish, she did great.  Then I had to get back because my family was arriving at the house.  I texted Bill my goodbye.  He told me I should stay.  I found out why, right after I pulled in he sent me this text: 
Nice!  First place in my age group, but better yet FASTER then last year!!  Bill was so kind to drop off my award, too! (29:17 1st age group,9th female overall)

We enjoyed a great Turkey Day with my parents, brother, niece, in-laws, and Jason's Auntie. I am so lucky to have family that can come together from both sides, they come to my place, and they bring most of the food!
We went for a short walk, but I still felt full.  I guess excessive eating for a whole day, can't be undone with a walk!

My friends came over for our annual Craft Day-Black Friday shopping.  It was a lot of laughing, fun, lack of sleep, filled day.  We ended with Breaking Dawn movie-so GOOD!  I enjoyed my day and am thankful for great times like that with friends.

Runstreak-not happening.  Going to focus on getting back into a regular rountine. 

How was your Thanksgiving?  Are you Runstreaking?  How is it going? 

Still time to enter the Blue Ridge Marathon giveaway!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Blue Ridge Marathon Giveway

Like many of you this is the time of year where I start reflecting on the year of running and start thinking about what next for 2013.  Taking on different challenges and looking at something different is my plan for next year.  

The Weather Channel recently posted 15 of the World's Toughest Marathons I read through these thinking WOW!!  Then a few other people and Tweeple kept mentioning Blue Ridge Marathon.  I was beyond intrigued about this bad boy.  

Some facts:
*Referred to as "America's Toughest Road Marathon"
*The full marathon course has over 7,234' of elevation change.  There are three mountains to ascend, and descend.  Most runners state it's the downhill running that cruses them.
*The first climb begins around mile one and finishes just after mile seven, after two miles of 12-17% grade.  You then have two miles straight down on the same 12-17% grade.
*April 20, 2013

Need more convincing?

    This is a Bucket List Marathon for sure!  I am giving away a free entry to a this marathon, because I know you WANT to tackle this one!  Who is with me?!?

    To be win a free entry to this race:
    *Become a follower on my blog-Leave me a comment
    *Follow me on Facebook-Running is Cheaper Than Therapy -Leave me a comment
    *Visit Blue Ridge Marathon's Webpage tell me what would be the most challenging part of this race for you. -Leave me a comment
    * Become a fan of Blue Ridge Marthon's Facebook page, tell them Amy sent you from Running is Cheaper Than Therapy-Leave me a comment
    *Post this giveaway on your blog, Facebook page, or Tweet about it-Leave me a comment for each one!
    Enter now though November 25th!

   You will receive an giveaway for each of the above.  Good luck!  

Thursday, November 15, 2012

RWRunStreak 2012 yay or nay?!?

Runner's World announced their Holiday Runstreak today.  Run at least one mile from Thanksgiving to New Year's Day.  I did it last year...thinking about it this year.  
Anyone else doing it this year, why or why not?

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Beach, Beer, Books

My running has been sporadic as hell lately.  I have been consistently getting in long runs on the weekend though, so I guess that works.  Saturday I ran with a new running buddy, that I met at the Lakefront Marathon Packet Pickup.  Kinley and I ran 15 miles down along Lake Michigan.  Weather wise it was perfect.  She hit a wall the last few miles, but sucked it up and finished strong.  I enjoyed running with someone new, and love running beachside.  

That night we had a coworker's party at her house.  She had the cutest house, great weather, and a nice turnout.  I will leave it at we ended up breaking out the beer pong, flip cup, and then stopped on our way home and hit the dance floor.  Too much fun!

Tuesday night Sherman Alexie was in Milwaukee promoting his new book Blasphemy.  I have seen Sherman on two different occasions, and he is the funniest person!  A few of my book club members from school met for dinner and then headed to Milwaukee Public Library.  Sherman did not disappoint.  I had tears running down my face from laughing so hard.  Afterwards, he was signing books.  As we went up to him, I mentioned that I was a librarian, had seen him before.  Now maybe because I have tweeted him a time or two, he said, "I remember you, you're the runner!"  Then he signed my book like this: 

Oh happy day!...Who is fast!  LOVE IT!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Tyranena 1/2 Barrel Beer Run/Panty Raiders

The Ragnar ladies from the Panty Raiders decided to reunite at the Tyranena Beer Run. Maybe because it was at a semi central location, maybe it was because themajority of the race season was over, or maybe just maybe because there was BEER!

Right away I ran into Linda, and soon were met up with the other fantastic ladies of the Panty Raiders.  We posed for a few pics and got ready to roll.
Linda, Kim, Kim, Amy, Rachel, Lisa, Amy, Falon, and Me
The music was great, the tent was heated, I was having so much fun, I almost forgot that we had a race to attend to.  But all of a sudden it was 15 minutes before Go time.  We headed out to the starting area, snapped one last pic...
Me, Lisa, Falon, Amy, Rachel, Kim, Linda, Amy, and Amy (yep 2 Kims 3 Amys)
Sadly, you cannot see our awesome panties.  Funny thing is EVERY one else could.  We were getting quite the stares from people.  As we made our way, Kim the Killa and I went a bit more to the front, we were off, I only had a few moments of her backside before I she was gone.  As she ran someone asked her if her outfit was "psychological warfare"...but of course!  She nailed this race, 4th female overall and 2nd in her age group!  

The race itself was overall pretty good.  Mile three was a MAJOR hill followed by many more ups and downs.  Damn.  After that the only thing I did was think I had 5 miles left, then got to mile 8 realizing that I now had 5 miles left.  What the hell, math is not my thing!  I tried to keep my last miles sub 8:00 but couldn't hold on. 

When the finish came, I was happy, done, and ready for some beer!  Kim came and we went through the finish tent together, collected our medal, and then went out to cheer for the fellow Raiders.  
Kim and I post race

Sadly, I wasn't able to stay and hang out with the Panty Raiders more as we had already booked a beer tasting event for that night.  I promise next reunion I will be free of all other commitments!  

167 out of 877 overall
3 out of 78 age group
36 out of 480 sex place
Time 1:44:10

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Lakefront Discovery Run Recap

Pre Race Pose
The Lakefront Discovery Run was last Saturday.  I like this race for a number of reasons
     #1 it is close to home
     #2 it is a uniquie distance that I don't often race (15K)
     #3 the course is nice, running along Lake Michigan
     #4 Post-party at Milwaukee Ale House
     #5 Costumes
Pre Race Face

This was my first time donning a costume of any sort (other than panties), that was kind of exciting. My husband dropped at packet pickup, where I quickly ran into Val the awesome founder of The Sole Sisters Club. She plans a variety of fun activities for women and I hope to get more involved with this club.
We hung out together before the race, and hit the start together. We ran for a few miles together before we went our separate way.  
Copyright Bill Flaws Running in the USA (Grim added to get me up the hill)

I felt good until about mile six, when I got a cramp.  Nothing major, but just slowed me down a bit.  Like I said I like this course, so it was fun to take it in.  The weather was pretty much perfect, so I was loving that, too.  The last mile was right into the wind coming off the island.  However, the finish came before I knew it.  Not my fastest time in this race, but I enjoyed it and had a good time.
Copyright Bill Flaws Running in the USA

I went to the post party to meet my husband.  We were headed out of town right after, so I shared my hard earned beer with him.  Our cup at the finish was our beer ticket, I knew someone who had left his in his car, so I was happy to hand it off to him before heading off to our next adventure.
Post Race Beer
150 out of 1061 overall
7 out of 135 age group
35 out of 619 sex place
1:12:33  ~7:47 pace