Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Endings and beginnings

All good things must come to an end...

Wow what a whirl wind of a weekend.  My 3 day weekend started off a day early when I stayed out longer than anticipated at volleyball on Thursday night.  Let's say I was tired on Friday at work, but had no regrets!

Friday night after our standard Mexican fare at our local favorite restaurant, we enjoyed our coffee/tea while watching the sunset.
My friend who is training for her first marathon, invited me to join her on her 20 mile run.  So Saturday morning I met Yomarie and others as part of the Badgerland Striders build up run.  I have been a member of the Striders for a while, but haven't taken part in many of the great things they have to offer.  I enjoyed the 20 miles, chatting with her and two of her friends, and love, love, love running down by the lake.  The run went well, a little windy, but really ideal weather for the most part.  We finished our run, refueled and made plans to connect later in the evening.  
I love running in skirts, but have had some chafing before where the tagless information is.  However, this time I had this...
Not sure why I had such a major issue this time, I even glided the area first.  Frustrating, because I love them, so hoping to figure out what is causing this.

Saturday we started to take the pool down, sign of summer days coming to an end.  Cue cheesy Grease movie lyrics..."Summer lovin' had me a blast, summer lovin' happened so fast."
Saturday night we ventured to Estabrook Park to check out the Beer Garden they recently opened this summer.  What can I say?  It was awesome.  Very German, very warm fuzzy kind of feeling.

I definitely would recommend it, and will go back again! We met up with Yomarie as promised at World of Beer on Brady Street.  The bar itself was cool for people like ourselves who love to try different variites of beer, however, the service was less than desirable Yomarie on the receiving end of a spilled drink.  We made one more detour on our way home to say hi to my friends, but with a babysitter waiting at home, unfortunately that is all we really had time for was a quick hello. 

Sunday Jason was up early brewing beer.  After he finished we went for a four mile run together.  It was a hot one, and we were both happy to be finished.  A couple of coworkers stopped over in the late afternoon.  We enjoyed hanging out and visiting, enjoying the summer night.

Monday morning, the LAST day of my runstreak and officially my 100th day of running straight, we did a fast mile, cooled down and loaded up the girls and headed to Lapham Peak State Park.  We hiked up to the tower, which was super fun. 

After our hike we went and grabbed lunch and custard.  We tried out Wholly Cow Custard and since we were famished, I did not take any pictures, but let's just say it was delish!  J and the girls  thought I was laughing at lunch, which I was at first, but the tears coming to my eyes were happy/sad tears of the  summer slipping away.

Natia and I had to pick up a few last minute items for back to school and at last we were "the night before school" routine once again.  

This morning they were set, excited and ready to take on the next year.

I'm looking forward to the new school year and what it brings. 

My dear sweet love of summer, you leave me, but you will be back!

"It turned colder that's where it ends, so I told her we'd still be friends..."

AND...to my runstreak, I thank you for getting me to run every day this summer from Memorial Day (technically the day before, w/Madison half) to Labor Day.  100 days in a row.  I'm bittersweet about it because I loved being accountable to myself daily, but know a body needs a rest.  Would I do it again?  Absolutely.  Did I take today off, yep.

Now on to the next challenge...Tough Mudder this weekend, keep you posted.  What's next for you? 




Anonymous said...

CONGRATS on your run streak!!!!! So impressive and inspirational!! I am so proud of you! Wow - could I use any more exclamation points? Seriously, I am going to remember that tonight when I am feeling unmotivated to get out there and run.

Sherry said...

100 days is Awesome! How many total miles? I've thought about the Tough Mudder but the electricity scares me!

Amy said...

Sherry-Great question. I'll get back to you on that!