Monday, August 27, 2012

Alumni Meet

The Alumni
My Cross Country coach has always determined Varsity by hosting an Alumni race, inviting graduates to come back and run.  The first seven spots then make up the Varsity team for the first meet.  I have gone back and ran this race off and on for many years.  This year was special for me because my niece was running this race as a senior.  She was born during my senior year of cross country, so it was surreal to think of the lifetime of running that has taken place in 18 years.  

Many people think that because I run long distances this race is easy.  I knew it would be fast, something I no longer run. When my first mile clicked off in 6:36 I knew I had to slow it down, or my lungs might explode.  I finished in 18:02 for the 2 1/2 miles.  I was pleased with that, second alumni and eighth overall.  My only regret...forgetting to snap a picture with my niece after.  Jason and I ran two miles back to my parents after the race, hitting way too many hills.  :)  
Delish fried rice, curry, and ramen!
The rest of the day was filled with fun, I had my nails done, went to lunch with two of my friends, (one was home puking-which sucks).  We tried a new restaurant in Mineral Point, Kusaka. The food was very good, however, the wait was very long.  
Jamie and Heidi

We were going to head back home, but after assisting my parents in a pond makeover, Jason was tired, so we decided to join my friends for pizza and drinks at Uno's in Platteville.  I love their pizza, and really love their Long Island ice teas, I had mine with strawberry lemonade instead of soda, delish.  We were also able to meet up with my brother and his wife.  
We met my parents at a church festival when we got back to town, running into a few more friends that I don't always get to see.  
Drew, Jason, Christina, and I
Heidi and I

So although I was tired on Sunday, and only ran a mile on the treadmill, it was worth it.  My streak is coming to an end on Labor Day, today is day 92.

Such a great weekend, great friends, great food, great drinks, great time.  How was your weekend?  What are your plans for the Labor Day weekend?

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Last week of summer break...gulp!

Don't get me wrong, I love my job.  I love reading and immersing students in great books.  Children's publishing is amazing, and the books available are fantastic.  That being said, I do dread going back to work in the fact that I love being home in the summer with my two daughters.  However, I don't think I could truly appreciate the one without the other.  

After fighting a nasty cold last week, my mileage was slim, I felt I NEEDED a long run mentally more than anything.  Thank God for great running partners that are able to pull you through and be there.  Saturday Bill and I ran 16 1/2 miles together.  Logistically he had mapped it all out, so all I had to do was run.  It really went well, despite coming off my cold, my coughs stayed at bay, just a little more spit than usual  :)

Post run

I wore a new tank from ViewSPORT and found it to be super comfortable.  I was excited to see the "Sweat activated technology" in action, and was not disappointed.  I recommend checking them out, fun sayings, lightweight, and comfortable!
"Run with Heart" sweat activated!!
We had a wedding that Jason was standing up in, so I knew I was in for a long day with my legs.  Jason still had to get his run in, so the girls and I biked out to meet him.  That was probably the smartest things I could have done, loosened me back up and I was ready to put on some heels.

Beautiful people, beautiful wedding...
The girls with the groom
and the bride
We clean up pretty good!
Since I have been feeling better this week, I'm trying to get some more miles in under my belt.  The girls have been biking with me which is so cool.  
Yesterday we headed down to Lake Michigan for one last hurrah...oh summer how I love you!
The girls walking the beach
They were sure this was a seal, until we walked them out.
Summer love!
 Runstreak: Day 87

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Summer Days-Getting it done!

As summer starts to wind down for this teacher, it's time to squeeze in a few last things.  Last week we one of my daughters and I went to Six Flags Great America with a friend.  Here are a couple pics:
Welcoming us to Six Flags
We also hit the Wisconsin State Fair on Friday.  We ate some treats and saw some great animals!
Chocolate covered bacon on a stick!

We had also planned to go camping on Monday.  Monday turned out to be rainy, so we cut it short one day and postponed it until Tuesday.  We set up camp, started a fire for lunch, went down to the beach.  Rain came, we had our daughters save what they could (and they did a fabulous job).  We were able to restart a fire after the rain for our foil dinners.  It was a success!!
Our fire after the rain!
Former lifeguard (me) checking out the swim test!
Panty Raiders socks for when it started to cool off!
My sinuses are killing me, but I'm going to enjoy this!!!!

The cool part about these last days of summer is that my run streak has continued.  Today marks my 81st day. I've been fighting a nasty sinus/headache/cold this week, so a mile is all I have been doing this week.  I have been busy running here and there, but the Run Streak keeps me on track, accountable, and most importantly-no excuses.  You can get it done, find a way!  I really feel I need a long run though, my body tells me so.  

What has motivated you this summer to keep going? What has challenged you to get a run in?

Friday, August 10, 2012

Run Chat Blogger Month

Yay!  #Runchat is Celebrating Running Blogs this month!  Check it out!  Here is my profile    Lots of blogs featured!  Check them out!

Off to State Fair today, going to enjoy lots of great food on a stick and deep fried goodness!!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Home home-Where the heart is at!

My niece came to stay with us for a couple of days.  Instead of meeting halfway to drop her off, I decided to pack up the girls and spend a few days with my parents.  
Usually when I go home it is for something specific.  A holiday, a community event, a friend get together.  This time, there was nothing planned, which made it more enjoyable.  Tuesday night, we ordered Chinese food,a treat for me as my girls do not like it, therefore we seldom eat it.  It was very good even though I was teased about my "toad food"  aka tofu.  My brother came over as well, so I got to spend some time chatting with him.
Wednesday we lounged around in the morning.  At lunchtime mom and I went to Mineral Point.  With a stop at the The Barn Shops we picked up a few things.  We ate at Brewery Creek Brewpub in Mineral Point.  Their food is always so flavorful, I had a jalapeno beer cheese burger.  Delish.  Of course being a Brewpub, I also had their wit beer.  
After that, we were given a tour of the newly acquired Walker House.  The Walker House is, according to its website, one of the oldest functional buildings in the United States.  With a history of hauntings, however, it has always been held some mystique for me.  The project manager, Randy Larson, explained the direction they are going and the positie approach they are taking in getting this buiding back running.  His positive attitude has me convinced, with gallery nights, future inn rentals, this place will be a great addition the already thriving art scene in Mineral Point.  Some pictures:

Cave cut out to dine in.
A room upstairs
Hallway upstairs
When we got back home, we loaded up the canoe and headed out to Yellowstone State park.
Yellowstone Lake
This was my view as the driver
We got on the water, and took a tour around the lake.  We saw some jumping fish, egrets, minnows.  It was fun being on the lake.  
Middle and back of the canoe
The front of the canoe
My girls still wanted to swim after we were done, so we headed to the beach.  Haleigh and I did more spectating, byt Grandpa got in with the girls.  
Grandpa tossing Z!
Of course my girls still wanted to head to the pool as I had promised we would go.  After dinner we trekked up to the pool. This is the pool that I worked at through college.  After watching them swim for a few minutes, I decided to get in, too.  Natia and I went off the board a bunch of times.  We worked on touchingh the bottom of the pool, and of course had a slushie before we left.  I still had a run to squeeze in and it was getting dark.  I did a quick mile running back up by the pool, and since it was down hill most of the way home I cranked out a 7:15 mile on the way back home.  
The pool!
Thursday morning, I went out to my dad's cabin.  Natia helped me pick a tree that we are going to transplant.
We found one that looked suitable.  I let her and grandpa stay and dig it up, while I went back home to start packing up the car.  
I had to save room for the tree of course.   This is what we looked like on our drive back home.
There is something nice about going home home.  I felt relaxed, recharged, and peaceful.  Sometimes we get so busy doing all these things that we feel are important, we don't stop to not do things that are just as important.  Does that make sense to you?  It does to me.