Thursday, July 26, 2012

Run with Dean Karnazes!

Photo by Bill Flaws. All rights reserved. © 2012
I find out that Dean Karnazes is going to be doing a fun 10K run in Brookfield on Monday night.  Shut the front door...Dean Karnazes!?!?  If you do not know who he is, shame on you, just kidding, but Dean.IS.running.  Every sport has their "rock stars" and Dean is the "rock star" of Ultramarathons.  Check out his webpage, and then bring your humble self back here and read on.  

See he is amazing. I mean really amazing. I mean really freakin' amazing.  But here is the thing, I've been to meet and greet at concerts...
Pfeifer, Bruno, and I

Where you are shuffled around backstage, and the "rock star" is brought in surrounded by his posse.  You get a hug, exchange pleasantries, pose for a photo and are pushed off to the side like chopped liver.

On this balmy 100 degree Monday night a bunch of 40+ runners are milling around in front of The North Face Store in Brookfield...
Photo by Bill Flaws. All rights reserved. © 2012
With apologies to Dr. Seuss...

And then we saw him
We saw him run
He came out of nowhere
In the hot, hot sun
He ran right up
And started to talk...
Photo by Bill Flaws. All rights reserved. © 2012
Always a runner, he needed a new start
Something was missing inside his heart
 30th birthday after drinking tequila 
He ran 30 miles so that he could feel(a)

He talked more about running
Running for fun
About Badwater
Which he had just done

We posed for some pics
Showing off our kicks
Photo by Bill Flaws. All rights reserved. © 2012
Photo by Bill Flaws. All rights reserved. © 2012
 Then took off in the heat
On our two legged feet
 After a wrong turn
Some of us didn't get to run with Dean the whole time
But we were able come in get pics and sign

So with no posse, bodyguard, etc.  Dean shared his wisdom, ran, and then came back to the store for pictures and to sign posters, books. Great to know someone so amazing really is this amazing in person.

It was a great experience and one of the reasons why I love this sport.  I met some people formally that I have known of.  One being the webmasters of my favorite race site Running the in USA Mary and Bill.  Also, Tom Held whom I have read his work for years, here is his write up of this event on The Active Pursuit

Dean has a lot of great running quotes this one fits me best.
 “Some seek the comfort of their therapist's office, other head to the corner pub and dive into a pint, but I chose running as my therapy."

Who is your favorite athlete?  Why?


Molly said...

Kara Goucher! She is amazing, but still seems so down to earth and approachable. Plus, she is a midwestern girl.

Rachel said...

I love that you got to run with Dean! Sounds like he is a super nice guy. I wanted to go to the one in Madison, but my schedule didn't line up.

I have a lot of favorite athletes - Aaron Rodgers is at the top of that list!

Running Librarian said...

Love Dean!!

Margaret said...

Dean just posted a link to your blog on facebook!!! I'm a fellow Wisconny runner closer to Madison and I'm SOOOO geeked to read that you got to run with him! How spectacular and soooo fun to read about :)

Anonymous said...

Envious! He keeps me running everyday!

fatrunner said...

I got to high-five Dean Karnazes right before a North Face Endurance Challenge half this past May. What a cool guy! And what a cool blog post!

Keep on writing!