Monday, July 30, 2012

Heatbreaker...Sidebreaker :(

The inaugural Heatbreaker Indoor Half Marathon took place this past Saturday.  This race is the sister race to the Icebreaker Indoor Marathon held in January.  The beautiful thing about this race is the conditions.  It is climate controlled.  It is a constant temperature of about 55 degrees.  You run at the Petitt National Ice Center.  After all of the hot running this summer, 55 degrees sounded perfect.

My friend Bill had given me a code for 50% off, so that made this race even more fun, I love to shop and love deals!

I was in the 1:00 heat which was strange for me because it presented a little thought of how to eat in the morning.  Also, I was hanging around the house, it didn't seem like a race day.  

I left my house as the girls were eating lunch, and they planned to come up and see me near the start.  My brother, who was also coming into town for the Brewers game was going to stop in with his wife and one of his kids.  I was excited about that.  

When I got to the race, I picked up my packet and found Bill.  We had planned on runinng together and trying to go for a 1:45.  This sounded doable and I was looking forward to the run.  The start was delayed for a few minutes due to technical issues, which gave me a few minutes to chat with my family who had arrived.
Drew and I pre-race

The girls and I pre-race
Finally we were told we could start.  We headed over to the starting corner and took off.  We settled into our groove, the girls were giving out high fives to not only Bill and I but to anyone who would give one back.  That made me smile.  They all left after a few laps (spectating in 55 degrees isn't as much fun I guess).  We were feeling good and the race was going smoothly.  I even danced a bit when they played my requested song, Teach Me How to Dougie.
Coming around-Natia's high five
I did some Gu and Gatorade around lap 20 or so.  Bill and I had separated but had just gotten back together.  The suddenly around lap 25, I got a painful cramp in my side.  I ran through it for a bit, but it was twisting and sharp, so I stopped to walk.  I started running again, but had to stop again before I could complete a lap.  This went on for a few laps.  I seldom get cramps, so this was not familiar territory.  As Bill went by he suggested a stretch it out.  I tried to stretch it out, it wasn't going anywhere.  Finally, I was able to complete full laps without walking.  When they called I had 3 1/2 laps left to go (1mile) it came back with a vengeance.  WTH??  I just wanted to finish.  I had to walk one more time before the mile was up, but finished all 48 laps.

I was glad this race was over, frustrated by the pain.  My legs felt great the whole time, but my side made it not possible to do what I wanted to do.

Saturday night, I relaxed kicked my feet up, enjoyed a delicious brown IPA while watching the Olpmpics.

The strange thing?  My side still sort of hurt!!

Sunday I did 5 miles feeling great, but later in the day my side started to hurt again and worse.  Now I am wondering, did I pull a muscle?  Do I have another hernia (I have had 3 but none were painful)?  Has anyone had something similar to this?

I just want it to go away, I've got a streak to continue.

Results:  1:52:19

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Run with Dean Karnazes!

Photo by Bill Flaws. All rights reserved. © 2012
I find out that Dean Karnazes is going to be doing a fun 10K run in Brookfield on Monday night.  Shut the front door...Dean Karnazes!?!?  If you do not know who he is, shame on you, just kidding, but Dean.IS.running.  Every sport has their "rock stars" and Dean is the "rock star" of Ultramarathons.  Check out his webpage, and then bring your humble self back here and read on.  

See he is amazing. I mean really amazing. I mean really freakin' amazing.  But here is the thing, I've been to meet and greet at concerts...
Pfeifer, Bruno, and I

Where you are shuffled around backstage, and the "rock star" is brought in surrounded by his posse.  You get a hug, exchange pleasantries, pose for a photo and are pushed off to the side like chopped liver.

On this balmy 100 degree Monday night a bunch of 40+ runners are milling around in front of The North Face Store in Brookfield...
Photo by Bill Flaws. All rights reserved. © 2012
With apologies to Dr. Seuss...

And then we saw him
We saw him run
He came out of nowhere
In the hot, hot sun
He ran right up
And started to talk...
Photo by Bill Flaws. All rights reserved. © 2012
Always a runner, he needed a new start
Something was missing inside his heart
 30th birthday after drinking tequila 
He ran 30 miles so that he could feel(a)

He talked more about running
Running for fun
About Badwater
Which he had just done

We posed for some pics
Showing off our kicks
Photo by Bill Flaws. All rights reserved. © 2012
Photo by Bill Flaws. All rights reserved. © 2012
 Then took off in the heat
On our two legged feet
 After a wrong turn
Some of us didn't get to run with Dean the whole time
But we were able come in get pics and sign

So with no posse, bodyguard, etc.  Dean shared his wisdom, ran, and then came back to the store for pictures and to sign posters, books. Great to know someone so amazing really is this amazing in person.

It was a great experience and one of the reasons why I love this sport.  I met some people formally that I have known of.  One being the webmasters of my favorite race site Running the in USA Mary and Bill.  Also, Tom Held whom I have read his work for years, here is his write up of this event on The Active Pursuit

Dean has a lot of great running quotes this one fits me best.
 “Some seek the comfort of their therapist's office, other head to the corner pub and dive into a pint, but I chose running as my therapy."

Who is your favorite athlete?  Why?

Thursday, July 19, 2012


Well some things have been consistent this 
The weather and my running.
It's been HOT and DRY.  Perfect weather for a teacher during the summer, yay me!
No-so-perfect for a runner like me. Suck it up Sally! 

After the Firecracker Four ended my #RWrunstreak was "officially" over.   
But like an addict, I wasn't done with my fix.  

Sooooo, I thought why not try to keep it up until I go back to school!?!  
I've done some running outside, some on the treadmill...

Front camera has no flash...
2nd try ummm...need some practice at self pics
And some running outside.  Yesterday with the temps being about 10 degrees cooler than the day before, I thought 5 outside would be great.  Except that 86 degrees at 3:00 in the afternoon, after eating a delicious Indian taco for lunch, was not a great combination.  You'd think more running would make me smarter, right?  Not so much.

I love the accountabiltiy of having to do it.  I really haven't missed my days off/rest days.  Today after a month of no rain, there were puddles on my easy 2 mile run, I almost wanted to jump in them.  

Streak Day #54 in the books.  I'm getting my fix, and loving it.

Have you streaked before?  How long?  Would you do it again?!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Boulder Junction, WI weekend

After the Firecracker Four, we headed up north to my in-laws' cabin.  We enjoyed the long ride up with no kids fighting in the back seat!  We were super excited to see our girls when we got up there!
The weather was pretty warm when we got up there as well.  I was not too excited to sleep in a cabin that was not air conditioned.  However, right around dusk the winds shifted and a cool breeze came through.  We went to the airport (read: open empty field) to watch fireworks.  The girls enjoyed it, I was did, too, but was tired from the morning run and just wanted to get to bed.
After a so-so sleep, I was up and ready to run.  Jason went with me, and we did a 2 1/2 mile run hitting some hills, ugh!  After our run, we had coffee by the lake...ahhh so nice!
We spent the next few days relaxing.  Fishing off the pier, boat rides, I tried Musky fishing for the first time and LOVED it.  We went in to Minocqua for some shopping, including delicious mocha at Horhay's Java Saloon. 

We had a delcious dinner at the Minocqua Brewing Company. Good food, great beer!

Although the Runner's World Run Streak technically ended on the 4th, I want to keep it going.  So in keeping the streak alive I ran 6 miles on Friday.  Jason's competitive side showed and on Saturday he also ran 6 miles with me.  I loved it! 
Some more pics...
Musky fishing

My first catch off the pier

Natia jumping in!

Zoriana jumping in!

Jason reading brewing magazines

Pair of eagles

Girls on a boat ride!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Firecracker Four Recap

After all this hot weather, no longer self conscious about shirtless running!
In case you haven't been privy to the weather we have been experiencing in Wisconsin, let me sum it up in one word...HOT!  And if you have been following my blog, you will know that the majority of my spring races have been unseasonable warm (HOT).  So it should come as no surprise that on the 4th of July, it was HOT.  
Tuesday night was the third, and when our community does its fireworks.  We headed over to a friends house without the girls as they were up north with my in-laws.  We had a great time relaxing, eating, drinking...all things that I normally would not do before a race, but a holiday is a holiday! 
Jason throwing bags on the 3rd!
We got home and to bed before 11:00, so that wasn't too bad.  When I woke up the weather was already in the 80s.  I made the decision not to run with my Garmin, just a regular stopwatch, hit the sprinklers and have fun with this race.  I saw a few people I knew before the race, so I chatted with them, even a Jennipede alum!  The race took off and away we went.  There were quite a few people out there running, I tried to stick to my plan to not overdo it.  A running friend Jenny zoomed by and said hello.  I was tempted to try to hang with her for a bit, but stayed smart and ran my own run.  The miles went by rather quickly, but after mile 2 it really was HOT.  I dashed through as many sprinklers as I could.  They were awesome.  Thank you Hales Corners peeps!  I had frozen some Gatorade in my handheld, so that stayed cool the whole race.  I was pleased with the run, wanting to be around thirty minutes, and was only off by a bit.  After the race I was able to chat with Jenny some more, and Luai who was directly in front of me during the Jennipede. 
My blister on our 5 hour drive up north.

A quick shower and we were on our way up north, where we got to see our girls who we hadn't seen since Sunday, yay!  More on our trip to come!
Our girls!!