Monday, June 18, 2012

Ragnar A to Z

There are soooo many thoughts and emotions of to put words into this recap.  During a regular recap, I tend to get too wordy.  This race was way different than anything I have ever done before.  It was HOT, there was down time, there was go time, confusion, sadness, LOTS of happiness and laughing.  We survived, and are RAGNARIANS...I can't quite put 40+ hours of being awake, traveling 200 miles, running 22 of them into words, but I'll break it down A to Z...
Decorating the van
A-Amys-there were three of them, including me, Amy G.-someone I met for the first time during this race, could not be any sweeter and she's a BAMF.  Amy Z.-Funny, funny, funny, we didn't see Van #1 teammates as much as I would have liked-but she made me smile whenever I saw her.

B-BAMF-I mean really when it comes down to it, that is what we are.  Running several times in heat, lack of sleep, missing meals, yet digging in and getting it done.  So proud of all my teammateys!!

C-Chicago-Running the last leg in with Jamie was priceless, the traffic to get out-not so much.
Kim at the start!

D-Delirious-Pretty much the way we got after being up for 40+ hours.
I loved seeing this!

E-Exhausting~mentally and physically.
F-Falon-Annother amazing woman, who cracked my ass up.  I felt like I knew her even though we had only met once.  
Amy, Marcia and I waiting in the shade for our run to begin!

G-Gross-After running three times and not showering...we were gross!  Thankfully the pictures of us are not scratch and sniff!  When I finally showered Saturday night, ugh, my white washcloth was brown as I washed away the layers.
H-HOT-Besides us?!?!  The weather was Freaking HOT!
I-Irritating-Kills/Killcount on the side of Vans...just sayin'
J-Jennifer/Jamie-Jennifer, who I met once, but had tweeted often with, she was always upbeat.  She received some bad news on this journey, but handled it with flair.  Jamie-I have gotten to know well over the last couple of months.  How could I not love her?  When running together through Racine at 4 in the morning she told me she could not stop looking at my ass!  Too funny!
Love this!

K-Kim M./Kim N.-Kim M. was one of our captains extraordinaire.  She is also super sweet!  Kim N. I really would have liked to get to know more, this was our first meeting, she can run like hell and look perfectly amazing afterwards!
L-Lisa-Again she made me laugh with her comments, she rocked some awesome pirate attire I might add.  We talked teacher talk on the way back from Chicago to Madison, she is such a cool person-now if only her kids would get that through their heads :)
M-Marcia-This was my first time meeting Marcia.  She is an early riser like me, takes running to heart, and I truly enjoyed getting to know her and hope to run with her again!
N-Nighttime running-A whole new element to running, my night leg got moved due to our timing, so I ran with Linda and Jamie during sunrise.
See what I mean, crazy!?!  I think this is Linda.
O-Orange-The official color of Ragnar!

Another P-Potty at Sentry, way in the back of the store!
P-Panty Raiders!-Loved rocking the Panties with the Pirate theme! So much fun, I really think we were one of the best!

Q-Quiet time-Insert cricket chirps here...We tried to sleep at a major exchange, we didn't sleep, but woke up to the fact that there was no one else around.  We had to readjust some legs to get back on sucked.
Yep, that's my pirate's booty!

R-Rachel-Organization is this girl's talent.  Wow, we were so prepared thanks to her.  She rocked a sweet pirate cowboy hat, well she just basically rocked.
S-Safety- Safety meeting, reflective vests, blinking lights, headlamps, flags to cross the road...Seriously couldn't get the safety dance out of my head the whole freaking time.
Do the Safety Dance!
T-Teammates-The.Best.Ever. Rachel, Kim M., Linda, Jennifer, Falon, Lisa, Kim N., Jamie, Marcia, Amy G., Amy Zyn.
Van #1

Van #2

V-Vans- Who knew how many white vans existed!?  It was so cool to see all vans decorated and to read all the sayings on the sides.  Also fun watching our panties hanging on for dear life on the antenna...the blow up parrot flew off and away!
W-WTF-As mentioned earlier we realized that because our pace had slowed down due to the heat, we were waaaaay behind where we thought we would be.  WE have to contact the race director, double up on some legs, it was a ClusterF#@!  But we readjusted and got it done.
Rocking the safety vest.

X-X-rated-Language that is, after no sleep the filter goes out the window, and the language flies...we sounded like a bunch of pirates!
Y-Yes-We did it.  200 miles, Madison to Chicago, Blazing Heat, No Sleep, Skipping Meals, HELL YES!
Me, Jamie, and Linda after our 7 mile sunrise run

Z-ZZZZZ-The hotel bed was a welcome site Saturday night!  
Our badass logo!

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MotherRunner said...

Awesome recap!! It's so hard to put the experience into words... I loved the way you did it. :) Also, I think you were fantastic. Hope I get to run with you again!

MomRunningFromCancer said...

Loved the post! Almost makes me want to do it again . . . almost! ;-)

It was a great experience! I met such wonderful people that were such fun!