Monday, May 21, 2012

Cellcom Green Bay Half (Hot in Here)

Sunday morning was supposed to be a fun half that I decided to do on a whim after a friend had a half bib to sell for the cost of the transfer fee.  With a week to go before my Madison full, I thought why not?  I did well there last year, loved the course and spectators...and it is PACKER COUNTRY!

We went up later Saturday afternoon, checked in at the hotel and went to Lambeau Field the expo for packet pickup and the pasta dinner.  The GOOD thing about the warm weather...
 We didn't freeze when we ate our pasta dinner like we have in other years.  The pasta was good, the cookies were delicious.  The 26.2 beer was a nice American Wheat brewed by Titletown Brewery.  I gave my extra ticket so I could go back to the expo and do a little shopping, picking up a few new Bondi Bands.  Always need more colors!!!

We went back to our hotel to watch the girls swim and relax.  I continued to drink tons of water before calling it an early night to bed.

Sunday morning I woke up before the alarm went off at 5:15, dressed, ate, drank some coffee (still needed some even though I knew it was going to be hot).  I popped some nuun into my 16 oz plastic cup and went to catch the shuttle.  I met a great runner named Colleen from Minnesota.  We ended up hanging out together until the start, which was nice to not be all alone.  

I made my way up to where I wanted to be and bam, we were off.  The first few miles went ok, I was feeling pretty good, making decent time.  Soon thereafter, I started to feel the heat.  I knew that my mile 5 time text that was sent to my husband was going to look like all was well.  I knew that if I wanted to finish upright, I would have to slow it down.  Thankfully, I knew  a friend was going to be at mile 7.  When I got to mile 7, I asked him to call my husband to let him know I was slowing down.  I also handed him my hand held water bottle of Gatorade, and planned on walking through the water stops from there on out.

This helped me a lot physically and mentally.  Shortly after that around mile 8 I saw a spectator who was an amputee.  This reminded me of my brother, and one of the reasons why I do what I do.  Time for me to Suck it up Sally, and get this race done.  

Right before the finish with about a half mile to go, I saw the three most important people in my life.  I stopped to high five...
and then had Z wanting to tag a long with me for a few strides...
There was one more water stop after that, and YES, I stopped even though I had less than a quarter mile to go.  I was all about taking in liquids every chance I could get.
After picking up my gear bag, and leaving Lambeau, we saw the Brown County War Memorial.  I had to stop and take my pic with the Marine symbol after my brother had already played on my mind during the race. 
Chip time: 1:51:34

Before we got to our car, we saw the first place marathoner coming in. It is always amazing to watch elite runners, they look so effortless and graceful. 

Back in the car, I received the text that the Marathon was closing due to heat.  Of course being emotional at this point, I cried.  I felt bad for the people who could not finish after all the weeks of training they had put into it.  However, having had to receive treatment for being dehydrated in high school at the finish of a race, I know how sick and dangerous it can be.  It takes time for a body to acclimate to this kind of heat.  It takes a runner who has run through this kind of heat to know what and where their limits may be.  Everyone is different, and when in charge of thousands of people, the race director did the right thing.
Do you agree or disagree?!?

Favorite sign along the way: Your training lasted longer than Kim Kardashian's marriage! 

Fingers crossed for Sunday's forecast!

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MomRunningFromCancer said...

Great Job on a tough race!

I am sooooo hoping that Sunday's temps are reasonable! I don't think we can even wish for cool . . . just reasonable!

See ya!