Monday, January 23, 2012

Icebreaker Indoor Half Marathon

2012 is proving to be a bit of a challenge for me to be healthy. After two rounds of the stomach flu I thought I was done being sick. Of course, slowly throughout the week of the race I started get a cold, but that wasn’t going to stop me from running the Icebreaker Indoor Half Marathon.

Friday rolled around to a nice light snow all day. While watching the weather reports they recommended not traveling if you can at all avoid it. Pleadingly, I asked Jason if he would want to drive me to packet pick-up. After seeing several cars in the ditch I felt a little guilty that the whole family was in the car, we wouldn’t all want to end up in the ditch, when it could have been just me… No worries though, Jason got us there in one piece. The place was a ghost town for two reasons, one the weather, and two, the 5K was underway. I picked up my packet, looked down and saw Bill’s daughter running. I had my daughter with me asking a hundred questions and wanting to stay to check out more action. We stopped by the booth for the Rock ‘N Sole and Madison Mini and talked to them about their races this summer. Then we figured we better get back out to the snow and to Dad and sister waiting for us.

I was tired with my cold zapping my energy, so I went to bed first with my racing gear all laid out in the bathroom. Saturday morning came quickly, I was happy to see that the roads looked much nicer. I arrived at the Petit, went up and grabbed my timer for my ankle. Within a few minutes I saw Jamie from Running Diva Mom. We had met at the Icebreaker last year and she was unable to run, so we were looking forward to being able to run this race together this time, not to mention eating cupcakes after!

We met up with Bill, from Love to Run who is on the committee for this race. He was full of great advice and tips, and as always his enthusiasm is contagious. I also saw my friend Meg, from the Jennipede who was spectating, so it was nice to know we would be having support along the way. The race started on the second try, and we were off.

The thing that differs most with this race is running with the “fast” runners. Typically the “fast” runners take off, and you never see them again. Here it is quite the opposite; you jostle for position and then things settle out, but you are getting passed (yes lapped) by the leaders. It is a humbling experience, but a very awe inspiring one, to watch truly great runners run.

For me after settling into my comfort zone, I didn’t see my name as often as I had the previous year, so I was a little unsure of where I was in the race. My built in compression shorts were riding up, making me slightly uncomfortable, and unlike a quiet spread out course, it’s harder to adjust when you are always surrounded by people. I took my GU around an hour into the race. I was able to run by Jamie two times during the race. It was nice to check in and see how she was doing. Also, the volunteers were amazing, cheering us on lap after lap.

Finally with about 10 laps left to go, I was feeling tired. I wanted to keep my pace going, but just didn’t have it in me to push it. At about this time, I saw Robin, our Jennipede organizer, who was another face cheering me on. Focus on finishing was my motto, keeping track for the first time of the laps on my fingers. Ten down to one. I knew my time was not going to be close to last year’s time, but was fine with that.

I finished at 1:48:49 which was over 4 minutes slower than last year. As always it is good to finish. I watched Jamie come in and she had her staple smile on her face!!

I changed out of my clothes and put on warm, dry clothes. I was able to talk to Robin for a bit and he said we are just one step away from being officially in Guinness!!

Jamie and I talked to Bill before we left, and headed to Brookfield for cupcakes. Jamie had heard of the cutest cupcake place Miss Julia’s Bake Shop. We met there, indulged in some delicious cupcakes and coffee. It was great chatting with her, and as always time went too quickly. I stopped for a little shopping at Faye’s before heading home.

My inner thighs were the most chafed they have ever been, which was quite painful. Unfortunately, the cold air in the Petit did a number on my cold, and by the end of the evening, my sinuses were killing me. We were kid free, but had to still call it an early night after a drink or two.

But would I do it again? YOU BET, where else can you run a half marathon in January in Wisconsin!

Thanks for a great day and letting me borrow your pics Jamie and Bill!!

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ShoreTurtle said...

Congratulations on your race. I've always been intrigued by indoor races, though I've never run one. I hope that your feeling better.