Friday, November 11, 2011

Why I Run 11/11/11

I love this day. I love this day for a couple of reasons. Number one it is Veterans’ Day, and I’m a BIG fan of supporting the people who gave their time and sacrifice so that I can do whatever I want (or not).

My brother is a DAV (Disabled American Veteran) by definition. He lost his leg while serving in the Marines. Most of the time I don’t ever consider Drew to be disabled, and I don’t think he does either. But sometimes, SOMETIMES like today when I think of the sacrifice of not having a leg, it bothers me and makes me sad. I know I have a brother who is alive and healthy. I am fully aware of how blessed I am that he did not make the ultimate sacrifice.

BUT still I have days like today, when I woke up last night thinking about Drew and couldn’t sleep because I felt bad for him. I think of cheering for Drew in cross country and track in high school. I think of my daughters watching me compete, and know that his three kids don’t have that opportunity.

My cousin’s cousin was talking about getting her brothers to complete a half marathon together. I thought even if I get them all on board (ok they wouldn’t ever do it, ahem Pat) Drew couldn’t. These are thoughts that enter my mind when I’m tired out on the trail, or ready to turn off the treadmill, I run because I know others can’t…not just “others” but my BROTHER.

But he can still do this....

Why else do I love 11/11/11? Well to me 11:11 has always been a good luck sign. My husband I always make a wish when we see it on the clock and seal it with a kiss. Sometimes they are silly and sometimes they are serious. I don’t know what he wishes for because if you tell a wish it won’t come true, but I am sure his wishes are filled with good intentions. I wish today that everyone be happy with their lot in life, and take charge of what makes you unhappy and make a change.

So here are eleven things I am happy about today:
1. Family-Mom, Dad, Brothers, Husband, Daughters, Cousins, etc…
2. Friends-Old and New
3. Health-Not only for myself but for #1 & #2
4. Job-Librarian for kids, what is not to love?!?
5. Coffee-First cup of the day in already
6. The Good-surrounded by so many great things
7. The Bad-To appreciate the good
8. Freedom-to do what I want
9. Choice-Stout, IPA, Porter-Just kidding!!
10. Books-So many good ones, not enough time!
11. Running-Sanity check to clear my mind.

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