Sunday, November 27, 2011

I'm Going Streaking!!

This past few days have been a whirlwind of activity...I started the Thursday morning festivities by doing the inaugural Talmer Turkey Trot in Burlington, which is about 20 minutes or so from my house. I was fortunate that I able to catch a ride will Bill from Loves To Run and his daughter. They were going to be running the race together, which I thought was awesome! We got to Burlington, and found a great parking spot, - almost getting run over by a car that also drove through the starting area taking out some cones. Crazy!?! On my way to packet pick up, I ran into a friend from way back Roller Den/Boy Scout Camp/UWP. Packet pickup was a little crazy with long lines, but once we navigated into the right line, it went smoothly. WE went back to the car, did a warm up and were ready to run. We ran into a fellow “Jennipede” Tony who had already ran 10 miles earlier for his warm up (runners, we are a crazy bunch). It was good to see him and hear what his plans were for the races in 2012.The race took as over a bridge, through town, and out on a trail. At one point, by the river you could smell the chocolate from the chocolate factory, yum! Then we were heading back to the finish. I had been watching my time, and thought I could finish under 30 minutes, and was able to hold the pace and finish 29:50, which put my 3rd in my age group. We stayed for awards, won some raffle prizes, and heading home to Thanksgiving festivities.

Jason carving the turkey.

Packers, turkey, family, a great day to end the day. However, little did I realize that this was only the beginning. I texted my friends to see what time our annual “craft day” festivities were taking place. “Craft Day” started about 10 years ago with a craft day; it has evolved to scrapbooking, eating, shopping, movie marathons, etc…whatever we are in the mood for that year. This year my two friends were coming to me and my one friend, Julie, was shooting a wedding in New York because she is an amazing photographer, check it out at her site. Anyhoo, it would be a little bit different without her. This year we were doing Black Friday shopping, and they would be at my house before midnight to pick me up and head to the stores.

Kohls "spa" at about 5 am

Our night/morning went like this:

1.Target-mile long line, drive to

2. Walmart-scored some goods, drive to

3. Kohls-good buys, but the line was sooo long, drive back to

4. Target-almost got in a fisticuff for touching someone’s cart, found deals, line over an hour to checkout

5. Kohls-perfect-except for the clerk who asked me when I was DUE, really!?!? I replied “nope just fat”

Home at about 6:00 am. After a few hours of sleep, we headed back out La Fuente, Mayfair Mall, Breaking Dawn…awesome day!

Runner’s World is having an Inaugural Holiday Running Streak. In a nutshell, run at least a mile every day until the first of the year starting on Thanksgiving. I decided to do it, a little extra push during this busy holiday season. So of course at 8:00 Friday night, I had to get a mile in, and that is exactly all I did. Saturday I planned on running longer, but got caught in the rain, so only did four miles on the trail. Today, I did six on the treadmill. I am liking it so far, and hope to complete the challenge. Anyone else doing it?


Anonymous said...

I like the Runner's World challenge! I joined a running group recently and my coach once went over 10 years without missing a day of running - now that's dedication! Sounds like a fun Black Friday!

Diana said...

Good job so far! I just heard about the RW streak and have already taken Saturday off. But I think I'm gonna try it from now anyway, it's an interesting challenge because finding time is always a factor, we shall see!