Monday, May 9, 2011


What a great quote and motto to live by. That is the quote that Jenny Crain uses to motivate herself. A quote that would help her to compete and qualify for the U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials.

In August of 2007, fate would take her away from next spring's Olympic Marathon Trials.

While on a morning run, Jenny was struck by a car on Milwaukee's east side and her life was forever changed. She suffered life-changing injuries, including a fractured vertebrae, shattered jaw, and brain damage. The brain damage that occurred has slowed Jenny down on the course~but her attitude and wit, are still Olympic-sized.

Through extensive rehabilitation and perseverance, Jenny has made gains that doctors did not think would be possible. Every day of her life, Jenny's day-to-day living is like training for a marathon.

With rehabilitation like this comes cost. The Make It Happen Fund has been established to offset some of these medical bills. There have been several fund raisers throughout the past couple of years to benefit Jenny.

This year however, the fight, the cause, and the event is so Jenny, I get a smile on my face every time I think about it. This year at the Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon, a world record will be broken. We are running a marathon trying to beat the Guinness Record for most runners linked together to complete a marathon. All of us runners will raise a minimum of $500 for The Make it Happen Fund. This is something near and dear to my heart, that the minute I read about it I knew I wanted to be a part of it. Runners helping a runner? You bet! Over 70 of us are on board and reading to run! Also, Jenny is so excited about this and will be joining us near the race end to finish with us.

I am asking you today to MAKE IT HAPPEN and help by donating to Jenny's cause, and to help me “Make it Happen” for Jenny.

Here is a link to donate:

After entering your amount, on the next page under your information, please indicate the runner name, me, Amy Zembroski.

If you are interested in being a spectator at this amazing event, mark your calendars for October 2, 2011. I would love to see you there!

Jenny’s story featured in Runner’s World Magazine (click here)

Record attempt write up in Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (click here)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

April Awesomeness

Whew, so I read a few books, ran a few races, and the weather just did not cooperate at all this month.

It was wet, rainy, damp, but most of all cloudy with a chance of severe depression. However, some highlights of the month included reading Let the Great World Spin and The Tiger's Wife. The Tiger's Wife is a book I'd recommend. The night I finished J came up and said, "so how was your book," I looked at him and said "I'm digesting." I wanted a slightly different outcome with one part, namely the Tiger's Wife, but was wholly satisfied in the grandfather's passing and his moving on to the next world. I will try to post more later on the book.

April 9th I ran the Badgerland Striders South Shore Half Marathon. I ended up talking (a feat not normally attempted by when I run) to a local realtor here, which made the race go by quickly. I hit a slight slump on the way back in, but managed to pick it back up the last few miles. I finished with a 1:45, which considering I hadn't run outside much, ok, at all, leading up to this race. I was happy.
April 30th was the Crazylegs Classic a very fun 8K that was supposed to happen with a group of us. Life gets crazy however, one friend was in New York the week prior to the race. Another friend (blogger/photographer extraordinaire) didn't get the training in like she wanted. Jamie, supermom of four, and husband (hadn't run over 2 miles in 5 years) went and tackled Madison. My time was right where I wanted to be 37:17, J's was amazing at 39 minutes. I was so surprised when I made the turn around and there he was! Finishing at Camp Randall Stadium is always a blast. We had a beer and then met the blogger extraordinaire for lunch at the Great Dane.
The ladies continued on to go and see Water for Elephants. Jamie said it was ok...I know with Rob Pat it will be fine.

Ended the month with 427 miles on my belt and two races planned for the next two weekends, not sure how I planned that, but will be happy midday on the 15th of May.