Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I’m afraid I can’t do justice to this book. I would like to describe it to you, but it is a woven tapesty of words. By picking out individual threads you get the idea, but you certainly don’t get the whole beautiful piece of work that it is.

The time when a city that never stops, did. For a few moments, maybe mintues for some, to watch a tightrope walker on a hot August day in 1974. Is that the story? No the story is of the people around that day. An Irish God-loving immigrant helping prostitutes. Mothers who lost sons in Vietnam. An artist struggling to find her way. The people, the time, the way the world keeps spinning no matter what happens. The same city years later stood still for planes hitting those same buildings the man walked across. The world? Still spins.

Even though my words don’t justify this book, I recommend you read it. You won’t soon forget this book, and be glad you did.

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