Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Packers, woot, woot! Sick, ugh!

What a surreal moment, who would have thought the beaten down Packers would have pulled through to win the Super Bowl. Even though James Jones made a mistake or two, I still love him. Although I was ecstatic while watching the Green Bay Packers take back the trophy to Titletown, I was t-i-r-e-d the next morning. I knew I would be up past my bedtime Sunday night, so planned not to do a morning run, but save it for after school. When I woke up my throat was a little scratchy. Nothing to get excited about I was screaming at the tv after all. However by the end of the day, I had slight chills and the onset of a cold. Again, not too surprised since Zori and Jason have been fighting a nasty cold for around a week. Fast forward to Wednesday morning, I haven't run all week...and that is frustrating. It's one thing not to run because you are not wanting to, or being lazy. I hate having to take time off when I don't want to. Makes you appreciate how much you love it and count on it to feel "normal". I will give myself credit though, normally I won't take the time off, and try to run anyway, figuring it's just a cold. This time I'm hoping I'm back to business quickly, hmmm...maybe tonight after my book club?!?!
P.S. This is my school book club where we read Native books, tonight we are discussing The Lesser Blessed. Can't wait to see what my coworkers thought of this book.


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