Thursday, February 3, 2011

Blizzard Blessings

My favorite quote of the day from Running in the USA (here): You might be a runner if... you have the aerobic stamina to shovel 2 feet of snow, but you have the upper body strength of an 8 year old girl.

For once, the hype actually lived up to the storm. On Tuesday afternoon we released school 30 minutes early. Staff had to stay until 3:15 so that was only 15 minutes early. Natia and Zori were released 15 minutes early, so I was ready for them when they got off the bus. I knew we were canceled for Wednesday so we were looking forward to a great snow day at home. I wanted to run, but decided to wait until my day home to do a longer run.
Glad I waited. When we woke up (Zori decided 5:30 was still a great time for a snow day), they had declared a civil emergency. That meant Daddy would stay home, too.
I went down to the treadmill after seeing some man on the news who was out for a run in the blizzard, he has ran every day for 29 years!!! That inspired me...I ran 7 miles, walked for a minute or two and thought, hey I feel good, let's do another 2 more to round out the weekly miles to an even number. So I did.
It took Daddy 2 hours to snow blow the driveway, we got our homework out of the way during that time. After lunch we went out to play.

Natia peeking out of the fort we made. Mommy and Zori had to go in, too!

Snow days are fun, but can tire everyone out. These two have been fighting a cold, so it was good for them to be home.

Then to my surprise it was announced that MPS was going to be closed tomorrow. We are a private school where I work, but usually follow MPS, the texting between my coworkers ensured until we received official word that we'd be closed again.

o after dropping the girls off, I made return to Walmart, finished my book (more on that) for school book club, and got a 6 mile run in on the treadmill. I'm looking forward to the rest of the day to lounge a bit to a nice quiet house. Ahhh what a blessed two days of home-bound bliss.

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