Sunday, January 30, 2011

Weekend Fun!

Wow, what a weekend. It started off well, and ended well, too!
Friday night I had book club with some amazing ladies. It was in town tonight, so that saved me a 20 minute drive, which was nice. A glass or two of wine later, I wasn't even feeling guilty that I hadn't finished the book.

Early the next morning I recieved a text from my cousin, Amy, that the snow that was predicted didn't fall in her area either. That meant she was on her way up from Chicago to my house. We had planned a morning of snowshoeing. We both were excited because we went one time last year, with her cousin Jill as well. All three of us enjoyed it so much, we all went and got a pair of our own. Although Jill couldn't join us on Saturday we still went. We go to Lapham Peak State park. With Amy navigating the map, we found a spring and snowshoed to it.

As you can see, it was very beautiful and fun! We were exhausted, but exhilarated to be out in the January air. We treated ourselves to a delicious lunch at Water Street Brewery.
Soon after I got home, I readied myself for my husband's Holiday Party in the Madison area. We stopped off at Johnson Creek and did a little shopping. I got a new pair of running shorts...which makes me want Spring to get here quickly!

The Holiday party was great. It is always nice to see hubby's coworkers/spouses from the Madison's office, too. We stopped at the Delafield Brewhaus on the way home. In the morning it was quiet, with the girls at g-ma and g-pas. I was a little sleepy in the morning, so put off running until the afternoon. I am glad that I did, I got a 6 mile run in, which put me over 100 mile mark for 2011. Yay!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Take a Break?!?

So I know that I have issues with taking time off running. I feel like maybe I am going to cross train or do something else, but I DON’T. So my question is this? Is that ok? I have taken a few days off since Saturday, in fact, I haven’t run since Saturday. But here is the thing…I want to. I feel like a sloth for not running. This morning when the “early” run alarm went off I contemplated waiting for the 2nd alarm. However, my husband’s snoring was the quick determining factor that I will not just lay there in vain. I went down on the treadmill and walked a mile. For me this hardly qualifies as anything. This is just my deal, I know it is better than nothing, but it’s how I feel. I did a quick chest workout after that, because I had taken last week off. It went very well actually, putting up 115 multiple times. I would love to try to go heavier again, but after having two hernia surgeries realize I probably shouldn’t. I threw a few planks in there to work on my core.
I think maybe I’m a runner for a reason. It’s what I do, it’s what I like to do. So I guess there is no need to recreate the wheel.
Tomorrow morning, 4:30 am. I’ve got a date with my treadmill

Monday, January 24, 2011

Instep Icebreaker Indoor Marathon

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What a way to start the New Year of Running. I definitely want to do more races this year, and this was a great way to do a half-marathon mid winter in Wisconsin. I'll admit I was a little nervous about running this race:
I love to know my pace, and mileage.
I'm not the best at math while running.
I love to listen to music when I run...
MY music, usually something that would have Parental Warning stickers on it, just sayin' that's what I like.
I didn't go out for track 2 years in high school, because I don't like running in circles.
I love to run outside and see the scenery.
So to run around an indoor ice skating facility had me a bit nervous.

So I was pleased to prove to myself it is good to break out of the comfort zone and do something different.
Running the half on Saturday was great! Not really knowing my pace was ok, less pressure for me. The math I did do in me head had me thinking I was going to be really slow. My math was wrong, of course, so my time wasn't too bad. There was music, and announcements, and that was a nice break from my usual routine. The scenery changed, from the spectators in the stands, the great volunteers, the scoreboard, the runners passing me (I pretty sure the winner had wings, he was FLYING!!), and the runners I passed (my favorite was the runner with a "baby on board" on her back.
I finished with a time of 1:44 so that was just a little slower than I wanted to be, but not bad for the first race of 2011.
I will definitely plan to do this one again, to beat the mid winter running blues!

Also, I went back on Sunday during the marathon for a meet up with Running Diva Mom Blogger. My kids had a great time meeting her kids, and I look forward to meeting up again at another race.
While there I saw Jenny Crain, her smile and high five for the finishers reminded me again how awesome the running community is why we do it. That smile from the inside that makes you glow and go.