Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Well I haven't blogged in over 2 year...but still running and reading. This weekend is the Lakefront Marathon in Milwaukee. I have been training since June, so I am ready run, and ready to be done. I am nervous going into it. I have done quite a few half marathons, but only one full marathon, seven years ago, 2 children (2 C-sections) ago. I hope it goes well!


Running Diva Mom said...

Awesome -- see you there! Hubby and will be going together for the weekend ... without the kids. So I will have more flexibility than normal!! If you would like to meet up, please let me know (before or after the race). Would love to! I'm aiming for 4:20 finish.

Email me a running diva mom at charter dot net

Running Diva Mom said...

Congrats on a great race at Lakefront yesterday. You are AWESOME and STRONG!! Great job, Amy! Hopefully we can meet up at another race sometime. Sorry it didn't work out.