Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Change of Heart-Picoult

I admit I did not read this book, I instead listened to the audio version on a Playway, which I truly love. Once again, Picoult is able to take hot button topics, interesting characters, and weave them together with a twist in a way that is her unique style. This twist, I will say was pretty predictable, but nonetheless, still made you exhale deeply and think...
There is a lot to think about in this book: religion (maybe a bit too much DaVinci Code type stuff), atheism, death penalty, child sexual assault, the coming of our Savior again?!?, organ donation, right to die, the list goes on.
I really found myself wondering about the trappings of religion as it is presented to us in its tightly wrapped bow. I enjoyed the different perspectives coming together, and there maybe not being a right answer.
The miracles that Shay does or does not perform, allows us to contemplate miracles that may occur, and who is sending the message.
Overall, I loved this book, but felt a little let down by the ending. I was waiting for more of a revelation with Father Michael, that I didn't get. I did enjoy Claire and the dog and the questions that I will still contemplate after reading this book.


So I finished this book, and liked that it followed the same sequencing of the previous two, yet found that to be a bit predictable to a point. The underlying thought after reading these books is that we have a lot to learn about our world we live in, the choices we make that we think are for the better, and how to get along in this world. Then, because to err is human, the Specials will still be there when/if we goof it all up again. I have Extras on my list for the summer, which is supplementary, not part of the trilogy. It will be interesting to see what slant Westerfeld brings to the game this time. I highly recommend this trilogy to all book readers, regardless of you genre fave.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Uglies, Pretties

The first two of the four were a quick read. A look inside a futuristic society that leaves us questioning many things that we are doing today. Before the age of 16, everone is an Ugly. When you turn 16 you are transformed into a Pretty, which is a party-filled, worry-free existence. That is all that Tally has ever wanted, to be pretty. It isn't until right before her 16th birthday she meets a friend, Shay, who challenges the way that Tally has ever thought. Together they explore what is beyond the city limits, and what happens to you mentally when you turn Pretty. By escaping the city limits, to the Smoke, a group of non-Pretties surviving in "wild" they start to figure out the secret...but is it too late for Tally to change her mind, and can she be forgiven by the people she accidentally betrays?

Once pretty, you are changed mentally. Tally is trying to hold onto the Ugly memories she used to have and know about. A reminder from her past comes to find her as a pretty, and with the help of another Pretty- Zane, Tally goes about trying to keep her focus long enough to get back out of the city. Special Circumstances, who caught her before, are keeping close tabs on Tally and Zane, and getting away this time, will not be as easy. They must keep their focus. A cure seems to have worked for Tally, but is having ill effects on Zane. Time is of the essence for them to escape. Once again, Tally has let Shay down, as they escape. This time when the Specials find them, Shay's revenge is going to be good...

Twlight Saga-Eclipse

So I finished this a while ago, and just can't wait for the next book. Bella has some tough choices ahead to make, and I honestly don't know what I would choose. Your first love is important and unforgettable, but a love who is your best friend is a great life partner. Life, death, friendship, family...August 2nd hurry up!